Nebraska Lawmakers Push For Stronger Harm Reduction Policies, But Not Really

Amid today’s climate of “quit or die” within anti smoking groups, lawmakers in Nebraska introduce a non-binding resolution to improve and recognize harm reduction for smokers.

LR499 is a resolution to “Recognize the importance of tobacco harm reduction strategies as an additional choice to assist cigarette smokers in quitting”. As the legislation is only symbolic in nature, it is a step in the right direction and a small victory for harm reduction and smokers.
Some within the electronic cigarette community are very excited with the possibility that this could help to educate more people about harm reduction and the millions of lives it would affect and possibly save from death from tobacco related illnesses.

SS Choice LLC, maker of the Choice 7’s electronic cigarette line supports the symbolic recognition from the State of Nebraska and encourages more states and cities to do the same.

“It takes time to educate the masses on the new products on the market that are already in heavy testing around the world and showing great potential,” states Kyle Newton, President of SS Choice. “With some harm reduction specialist stating that some of these products could take a huge bite out of tobacco smoking, it is the common sense thing to do.”

Stop smoking groups that oppose the resolution state that harm reduction “may” stop people from quitting and that it “may” draw or attract children to smoking. There is no known evidence to support this position.

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