More Apartment Complexes Proposing Smoking Bans

It is becoming a growing trend all across the country among apartment complexes to ban smoking in the building, regardless of whether you are in the privacy of your apartment or not. The argument that proponents of these bans have is that the smoking that goes on in apartment complexes has an effect on the overall effect of all of the residents through the presence of second hand smoke. Others, however, feel that as long as they are paying their rent that noone should have a say on what goes on in their home. It is a sensitive issue, but one that appears to be in favor of the non-smokers involved.

While nobody is arguing whether or not second hand smoke is a bad thing (it’s obvious it is) there seems to be a divide among both groups as to whether or not e cigarettes should fall into the smoking bans. Since e cigarettes do not actually put out smoke, there should be no real threat to others, even those in the immediate vicinity of the e cigarette user. It is ultimately a problem that will require much deliberation and its ramifications will be seen in due time.