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Missouri Public Smoking Ban May Get an Exception

In what is coming as some much needed good news to smokers (at least in the Missouri area), the St. Louis Athletic Club may find itself becoming a designated smoking area. This is great news as the majority of places across the country that have smoking bans applied to them do not have any sort of designated smoking areas. The great thing about this is that they are on the verge of penning an agreement that would allow for exceptions to be made for public smoking bans. Specifically the agreement would be that smoking would still be banned in public, but places such as private clubs would be exempt from the ban.

This could echo throughout the country as the debate on whether or not private clubs should be given exemption in the bans has been a very heated one. Some groups have felt that throwing private clubs into the mix was stepping on the rights of smokers and club owners. But then there were some who felt that it was the job of the state to force the regulations on the smokers, private club or not. Needless to say that belief is one that has proven to be the biggest point of contention. It is a view point that many felt, if enacted, would put us closer to living in a nanny state, which is obviously something nobody wants.

Whether or not this will have an effect on the rest of the country remains to be seen, but it could certainly set a much welcome precedent for smokers. There is no word yet on whether or not the ban would group in e cigarettes. With so many people out there discovering reasonably priced e cigarette starter kits, e cigarettes are only growing in popularity so they will need to be addressed eventually.

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