Missouri Petition Calls For Tobacco Tax Increase

A petition calling for the raising of tobacco products in Missouri from the current seventeen cents to ninety cents is being met with jeers from most smokers who feel that the tax hike is unnecessary. Many smokers believe this is yet another example of smokers being stigmatized and discriminated against. However, others are not looking at it that way, due to the fact that much of the money that would come from the tax hike would go towards education and smoking cessation programs.

Some have a more unconventional reason for opposing the tax increase. Many opponents of the increase have stated that they feel a tax increase will turn away visitors to the state. The reasoning being that the low cost of their tobacco products is a drawing point for out of state consumers. It makes one wonder if there really will be an impact on the number of out of state customers that Missouri sees as a result of the tax increase or if the increase would be a benefit to the state. It remains to be seen one way or the other.