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Memorial Day Sale For Favorite Customers Only

Okay, so the headline’s sort of a fib and we don’t actually have a group of favorites (we like everyone… including you) that doesn’t include all of our past, present, and future customers… but now that you’re here, we can give you a coupon code for 30% off everything in our store!

Everyone knows that after some good BBQ that a great smoke is so satisfying and we are giving some Texas style deals for some super satisfying smokes (well…at least vapor :) ) that are as hot as the grill you’re using this weekend.  So, we have a deal that will make you as satisfied as the great food you enjoy on Memorial Day. A real match made in heaven from your friends at My 7’s Electronic Cigarettes.

30% Off Anything Coupon Code: SmokeMy7sDay30

We’re also including a 40% off coupon for our Square Charging Cases!  Keep in mind that this is for the case only, not the full Square Kit.  But, hey, if you want a full kit, you can still get 30% off the price with the code above.

40% Off Square Charging Case Coupon Code: 40OFFSQACC

Our Memorial Day sale ends on Monday at midnight.  $50.00 minimum order required.

Now you will have a great holiday like never before from your friends at My 7’s E Cigarettes!

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