Maryland Tobacco Retailers Furious Over Rising Tax

A senate bill that proposes raising taxes on tobacco products up seventy percent is earning the scorn and outrage of tobacco retailers in Maryland. While it is not surprising that the vendors do not like the tax increase, the effects of it, when put into context are certainly more than enough reason to consider their perspective. Anti-smoking advertisements coupled with the nearly non-existent state of cigarette marketing have caused cigarette sales to go down. And if tobacco taxes go up, the vendors may find that their customers go down. Which leaves the vendors wondering just how they are going to make up for that lost money.

The fact is, with the pressure on the government to effectively kill the tobacco industry altogether, smokers are being given two choices: pay more or quit. Even if a smoker chooses the first option, there is only so many times they will be forced to pay more before they have to give up. Many critics of the proposed tax hike have even said they feel it is simply a way for the government to make up for its own over spending, though how true that statement is is purely speculative. It also makes many wonder if the tax increase is something that could make its way across the country.

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