March 22 To Be World Vaping Day

March 22 has been chosen as World Vaping Day, a day in which e cigarette users are encouraged to share knowledge about e cigarettes and the belief that they are a much safer alternative to smoking traditional, tobacco based cigarettes. The goal is to let smokers know that there is an alternative out there that can give them the benefits of quitting smoking while letting them continue to through vaping. This is a great opportunity for the smokers who know that they should quit smoking, but either are not ready to try quitting or simply do not wish to.

E cigarette users are encouraged to talk to their friends and family members that are smokers, to post about them using social networks, and simply an e cigarette to a co-worker and to explain that e cigarettes are not meant to be smoking cessation devices, but rather a full on replacement for regular cigarettes. It is especially impressed upon e cigarette users to mention how belief is growing in e cigarettes as a smoking harm reduction product. Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association and other like minded organizations across the globe are teaming up in order to raise awareness for World Vaping Day in hopes of spreading the message of a great alternative to regular cigarettes.

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