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Man To Be Sentenced For Massive Cigarette Smuggling Racket

A Syrian man living in Massachusetts is soon to be sentenced for his involvement in bringing millions, yes that’s millions, of untaxed cigarettes into the Rhode Island area. Mohamed Mohamed has stated that he had well over three million cigarettes, which were valued at over five hundred thousand dollars in terms of the tax money the state money would have missed out on.

This is certainly one of the larger cigarette crimes that we have covered here. The cigarette tax in Rhode Island is well over three dollars, which certainly establishes motive for why he would want to sell tax free cigarettes. Overall, when you include the four other men who were in on the scheme, it is estimated that the state lost over five million dollars. This is a shockingly high amount of money, even as far as cigarette rackets go.

While it is understandable that people would want to do everything they can to lessen the pain their wallets must feel after spending that much money on cigarette taxes, but crime is absolutely never the answer for something like that. It is very easy to wonder why there is not more being done to prevent rackets such as this from being more wide spread. Given the fact that cigarette related crimes are increasing all across the country it would not be ridiculous to think that more would be done, but these crimes just keep occurring.

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