Man Shot Over Cigarette

In what is one of the most bizarre and tragic stories we’ve covered, a South Florida man was shot and killed in a fight over nothing more than a cigarette. The victim was shot when he refused to give a man a cigarette. When the victim refused to give a cigarette, the killer drew a pistol and shot him.

This is one of the most disturbing, and frankly horrifying cigarette related crimes we have discovered. The fact that it was all over something as inconsequential and meaningless as a cigarette can lead one to speculate in any number of directions whether or not there was further motive for the attack. The killer was later apprehended at his home by a SWAT team, in which he surrendered.

The sheer number of cigarette related crimes over the past few years have ranged from the laughable to the ridiculous, but this one is truly horrifying. It shows just how low people are willing to stoop over such trivial things.

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