Man Robs Tobacco Warehouse

In what seems like a scene out of a bad crime film, a tobacco warehouse in Conway, Arkansas was robbed by an armed man. Surprisingly the robber didn’t steal any tobacco products, just the money that was in and under the till.

The clerk that was manning the register at the time said she heard the bell over the door sound and came to ask the man how she could help him. The suspect then stated that he didn’t want anything but money. He then proceeded to pull out a silver and black gun and cock it. The clerk said she then backed away and told him to take the money to which he responded for her to open the register. After taking the money he jumped onto the counter and pointed the gun into the back of the clerks head. He then jumped down and walked out of the door after telling the clerk not to be dumb.

Probably the largest problem with this is that he went into a tobacco warehouse and didn’t take anything but cash. With all of the tobacco related crimes that have been happening recently one would have expected him to have chosen the warehouse for it’s tobacco goods. With all of these cigarette crimes happening in such a short amount of time it most definitely begs the question of what can be done when they all seem to be so sporadic and not connected in any way other than rebelling against the recent tax hikes that both lawmakers and many business owners have been enforcing with growing urgency. After all it would seem that if these prices continue to rise we may very well continue to see a rise in tobacco related crime as well.

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