mall chain bans smoking inside and out

Mall Chain Bans Smoking Inside and Out

A chain of malls owned by Pyramid Management Groups has joined in the smoking ban craze that has been sweeping the nation. The company owns a multitude of malls, and there will clearly be more companies putting smoking bans on their malls as well. But what a lot of smokers find troubling about this ban is not the indoor ban, but the outdoor one as well. While it is perfectly understandable to want to ban cigarettes and smoking inside the building, taking away a smoker’s ability to smoke outside of a venue seems just a little over kill. It would be one thing if there was a designated smoking area, but so far there has been no news about Pyramid’s plans to create any on their malls’ premises.

What makes the ban truly frustrating for many is that the ban isn’t strictly on real cigarettes, but on e cigarettes as well. The ban on real cigarettes is one thing, but to ban the outside use of a product that doesn’t even put out actual smoke, one that is growing exponentially in popularity, seems ridiculous to some. It makes one wonder if this is yet another example of a growing stigma against people who use anything that even resembles a cigarette. While Pyramid has claimed that the ban of outside smoking is to shield non smokers and those who are trying to quit from cigarette, it seems more like a decision that was made to make the malls look more attractive. Because what’s more unattractive to people at the mall who are taught to stigmatize smokers than a bunch of smokers outside the mall. This smacks of trying to improve the mall’s looks and make more money rather than being done out of concern for the consumers and their health.–Smoke-Free-Malls

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