Major Victory For Harm Reduction

The Food and Drug Administration has released a report from their Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee that has the conclusion that a person who uses dissolvable tobacco products (or DTPs, as they are often abbreviated) exclusively greatly reduces the chances of developing diseases that are frequently associated with smoking. To those who do not know what a DTP is, it is essentially a dissolvable strip, stick, or circular tablet that allows the user to absorb nicotine through the mucus membranes in the mouth.

The determination ultimately means that that FDA has stated that DTPs are less dangerous than cigarettes, which is something that proponents of the product have been saying since they were first introduced. The fact that DTPs are not smoked cuts out the risk of doing damage to the lungs that is normally done by carcinogens, tar, and the other toxins that are in cigarette smoke.

However, the FDA has decided to not remove the warning labels on DTPs which clearly say that DTPs are not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. Bill Godshall, the Executive Director of Smokefree Pennsylvania and a proponent of DTPs believes that the labels should be removed altogether, stating, “They think this means that the product is not any safer than smoking, when the truth is that smoke-free alternatives such as dissolvables, modern moist tobacco products, and e-cigarettes are up to 99% less hazardous than smoking.” Godshall’s stance is one that is becoming increasingly popular among many DTP proponents.

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