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Lit Cigarette to Blame For House Fire

A recent house fire in Des Moines that sent two men to the hospital is being investigated with officials already stating that they strongly believe the culprit of the fire to be a lit cigarette that one of the men had and then fell asleep while holding it. This is certainly not the first cigarette related fire to be reported here, but there is certainly a common denominator among all of the stories (and it isn’t just cigarettes): Every single one of these stories has involved carelessness on the parts of the smoker.

It really should not be that difficult of a concept for people to get. If you are done with a cigarette then see to it that it is properly disposed of. This will go a seriously long way towards preventing fires and property damage. Making the matter even more frustrating is the fact that this fire is the result of a person falling asleep with a cigarette. It would seem that people would use common sense and simply not light up when they are that tired.

This is yet another reason why more people need to become aware of e cigarettes. If this person had been using an e cigarette then this fire would not have happened. To those who are not in the know, e cigarettes do not need fire. They do not put out smoke. Instead they put out a vapor. To put it in caveman terms: no lighter, no fire.


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