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Letter Suggests Banning All Cigarettes, But Here’s A Better Suggestion

A recent letter to the Baltimore Sun suggested that in order to keep apartment complexes clean and to reduce the amount of litter that comes from cigarettes Congress should simply ban all cigarette sales. The problems with doing that are far too many to actually list here, but to cut to core of the issue, if people are really that concerned about reducing the bad smell of cigarettes and getting rid of cigarette butts and ashes in public places, then perhaps awareness of e cigarettes should be more plentiful.

E cigarettes are simply cleaner than regular cigarettes. With regular cigarettes you are talking about a product that is composed of over four thousand chemicals that equals to a smelly mess. With e cigarettes the e liquid that is used when vaporized has hardly any smell at all, and what little smell there is goes away in a matter of seconds. And if cigarette butts are what you are worried about, then switching to e cigarettes works out even better at that regard. E cigarettes leave behind no butts behind because they do not use smoke or fire. This means no ashes either. So if you really want to keep the environment clean, then try suggesting e cigarettes so that it’s a win/win situation.


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