Less Smokers Means Less Money For Ohio

High taxes, smoking bans, and a constant campaign brought on by non-smokers to convince smokers to give up cigarettes or simply make them not be able to afford cigarettes seems to have worked a little too well for Ohio. In a state where tobacco products make up five percent of the money collected in taxes, it is easy to see how a lack of people smoking would end up putting a dent in the economy. Ohio has lost millions upon millions of dollars as a result of people either quitting smoking or going to neighboring states to save money on cigarettes. This means that there is less money going into the pockets of the state.

This is something that other states should take note of. Not only would a lack of smokers render the money that would have been collected from the high taxes null and void, it makes one wonder whether they had anticipated this when they raised the taxes to begin with. After all, a little taxing may ruffle feathers but people will still continue to pay for products they want. But when you raise taxes to ridiculous prices, as tobacco products have been lately, you end up with people no buying at all. This spells not only bad news for tobacco shops but for the government as well as it only puts a big dent in the economy.

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