Leaving State For Cheaper Cigs

Cigarette tax hikes are seriously getting out of control. While the threat of a cigarette tax hike is looming its head over California, people in Utah are already dealing with that exact problem. People are trying to come up with solutions for the added cost. Some smokers have opted to start using e cigarettes. Others have quit altogether. But what may seem most desperate is the large number of people who are leaving the state to buy cigarettes by the bundle for less money.

It’s being projected that nearly $4 million in revenue that would have gone to Utah through the raised cigarette taxes is actually going to surrounding states as a result of people driving out to those surrounding states to buy cigarettes. This works out great for smokers, but not necessarily for the people who wanted this tax increase to happen.

It makes one wonder as to whether or not this is a method that will be adopted by smokers in other states who are facing similar tax increase problems. While it is certainly not illegal to go elsewhere to buy cigarettes, it does beg the question of whether or not the extra money is worth it compared to the amount of gas spent to make the trip. When there are great low cost e cigarette starter kits on the market, it makes one wonder why they do not simply make the switch.



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