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Keepin’ It Clean With E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming a preferred alternative to traditional cigarettes. While many people who had been smoking traditional cigarettes for a very long time saw them as just a quickly passing fad, they seem to have not only stayed in the market but are quickly rising to the top! It makes one wonder why you would want to switch to electronic cigarettes. Well besides the amazing versatility and convenience there’s always the fact that electronic cigarettes are just cleaner!

How are they cleaner you ask? Well for starters it’s because they give off no smoke. The steam like substance you see rising from it is actually just water vapor called e liquid. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re harming the environment by putting off toxins.

Another really great thing about electronic cigarettes is the smell or lack there of. Because electronic cigarettes produce water vapor there’s no tobacco smell that can cling to your clothing and follow you around anywhere. This means no more of those awkward conversations about how nonsmokers can “smell your smoke”.

If you are not only constantly thinking about how to make the air around you cleaner but also your smell then maybe electronic cigarettes are just the product for you.

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