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Kathleen Stein – Live Oak, Texas

Here I am in my home office enjoying my No.7! I love it!! This product has enabled me’ to quit smoking after 45 years. I have been using it for over a year now and tell everybody I know that even my Dr. Is impressed with the product. He says nicotine is not as dangerous as all the other by-products inhaled when smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. I am truly a satisfied customer. No.7’s are so easy to use. I have two of the charging cases, so I am able to take one and just slip it in my purse. I love the affordability of the cartomizers. As of now, I can use them in San Antonio even in smoke-free environments. I appreciate the fact that they are odor free. People see me instead of smelling smoke! I have never had a problem with ordering on the internet. The web site is easy to use, especially for returning customers.

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