Kansas Universities Unlikely To Totally Ban Smoking

More and more colleges across the country are enacting total bans on cigarette and tobacco use on campus. This has been met with much frustration from students who rely on smoke breaks to ease tension between exams and classes. However, the general attitude among both experts as well as students is that enforcing a total ban on tobacco on campus would be difficult to impossible to do and that a total ban is highly unlikely.

One of the primary reasons why the ban would difficult to enforce is the fact that it would require bringing in officers to actually regulate the rule. In high school it would be easy to enforce a smoking ban since teachers are most commonly dealing with minors. But at a university in which the students are adults who are capable of making their own decisions, enforcing such a rule becomes much trickier and outside help would have to be brought in: help that would not exactly be welcome by students or teachers.

Another reason why the smoking ban may not be an absolute one stems from the fact that many teachers smoke as well. Such a ban is highly likely to ruffle feathers, and if teachers aren’t happy then the odds that nobody on campus would be happy. Such a change in rules would also have to go through a lot of steps before it became official, and if it does not go through then there could be other colleges across the country that make their decision on smoking ban policies based on this one.

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