Kansas Lawmakers Weighing Smokeless Tobacco Study

Kansas lawmakers are weighing whether or not a study on smokeless tobacco should be made, specifically whether there are any negative health effects on smokers who use the products. Smokeless tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco, have been controversial due to claims by some users as to them being healthier than regular cigarettes. The ramifications of this study could prove to be not only controversial, but the results could potentially lead to further studies across the country.

This would be yet another time when smoking cessation products and products like e cigarettes could end up in the spotlight as it could cause more states to reevaluate their stance on similar products and brands. While anti-tobacco activists have been adamant that such a measure could encourage smokers to just switch over to another product that could potentially cause just as much harm. The results will definitely have an impact of some sort and could either further the cause of harm reduction advocates or prove that smokeless tobacco products have just as many health risks.