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Kansas Bans Sales of E Cigs to Minors

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kansas is banning the sale of e cigarettes to minors. This is something that anyone should have seen coming, and many cigarette vendors have said that they never allowed minors to buy them anyway. But, disturbingly enough, there are people who are still not satisfied with the law. Anti-smoking advocates have stated that they wish for e cigarettes to fall under the same regulations as regular tobacco products.

While this may be frustrating to many, if the anti-smoking advocates can be given props for anything it would be that their stance was elaborated upon, stating that they wish for e cigarettes to be regulated in the same manor as other tobacco products at least until they are proven to be a better option. This at least shows that the hard edged bias that had been shown towards e cigarettes is somewhat starting to lessen in the minds of non smokers.

While it is certainly encouraging to see that people who do not smoke are at least somewhat willing to give e cigarettes a shot and not fully condemn them, it seems to completely go against the concept of innocent until proven guilty (though obviously this isn’t court). The fact is that this law is a no-brainer. But one of the main reasons why people feel like this law may not be enough is due to the fact that e cigarettes offer up a  multitude of flavors. We’ve heard these arguments numberous times, so we will not retread old ground in pointing out how ridiculous the anti-flavor argument is.

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