Is Nicotine the Real Culprit Behind Cigarette Addiction?

Greater awareness is being made to the general public about just what the actual effects of nicotine are. Nicotine is more often than not the scapegoat that is used by most anti-smoking groups use to get people to try and quit. They play up the fact that nicotine is part of what keeps you addicted to smoking. This is part of why e cigarettes have received such backlash from non-smokers, because of the presence of nicotine. However, what is not often reported is the fact that nicotine only stays in the human body for three days, which means that once it is out of the body there is no more real need for it. This is why many smokers subscribe to the so-called three day rule when they try to quit smoking.

It is worth noting, as well, that there are almost no reports whatsoever about people becoming addicted to nicotine products such as nicotine gum and patches. Could there be some other culprit behind the addictive quality of cigarettes?