Is Big Tobacco Turning Tobaccoless?

Smoking as we know it is dying. In fact, it’s barely on life support. The fact is, the number of people using actual cigarettes and tobacco products is going down lower than ever. Public awareness of what real cigarettes do is at an all time high. And with products like electronic cigarettes gaining more and more popularity, it’s time for big tobacco companies to either adapt or die out.

Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris and Marlboro, just announced the creation of Verve, a tobacco-free product that still contains nicotine. Verve is a lozenge which has a mint flavor, but gives the user the nicotine they want without having to use cigarettes. This could very well be Altria’s attempt to move into the future, one without lighters and ash trays. But could it be too little too late?

The fact is, smokeless tobacco products and e cigarettes are becoming extremely popularity. E cigarettes have the chance to replace cigarettes altogether because they are tobacco free, but still allow for the habit of having something you can hold in your hand while you use it. The Verve lozenge is something that you take and then are done with. It does not make up for the actual routine of using a cigarette. This could become a major shift in the tobacco industry, the effects of which remain to be seen.

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