Indoor Public Smoking Bans Persist, Clubs No Exception

Indoor Public Smoking Bans Persist, Clubs No Exception

The increased pressure in states all across the country to ban smoking in all public venues, including private clubs and bars, is certainly starting to take its toll on smokers. Ordinances are coming in everywhere stating that smoking in buildings should be banned and pleas to make an exception to private clubs are falling on deaf ears.

While it is understandable that law makers want to do what they can to protect the health of nonsmokers who are out in public, does it really make sense to put a smoking ban on places made specifically for smokers? It seems as though no true fairness is being applied in relation to the rights of smokers. While nonsmokers clearly outnumber smokers in this day and age, it seems as though smokers are being treated less and less like people with rights that are just as valid as the rights of nonsmokers.

The fact is that there are benefits to allowing smokers to have their own designated smoking areas. Number one, it would allow for smokers to have some place other than their home to smoke. It gives them a place where they do not have to feel cut off from the rest of society. And most importantly it would help them not feel stigmatized. It cannot be stressed enough just how much of a stigma there is in place against smokers these days. Nobody is saying that public smoking is a good thing, but neither is stepping on the rights of smokers.

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