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Indiana Law Bans Smoking in Restaurants and Bars

The battle between public smoking ban opponents and proponents has been a push and pull one. It seems that just as one side starts to get victory in the argument the other side swoops down to take it away. Some places have put bans on public smoking, but have given exception to private clubs, restaurants, and bars. Meanwhile others have banned public smoking in any venue, private or otherwise. It seems that in Vigo County, Indiana that all forms of public smoking will be banned with their public smoking ban.

It is frustrating given that the large number of public smoking bans are working without using any other state as a model for their desired effect. States that have public smoking bans that allow for private clubs and bars seem to be doing alright so far, after all. It seems that the states and counties that are having the most trouble with their public smoking bans are the ones that are being the most restrictive. Many opponents of the bans being placed in bars and private clubs have been highly vocal stating that the government should have no say so in regards to what happens in a privately owned establishment so long as the smoking is not taking place actually in public.

Vigo County lawmakers feel differently apparently. Many bar owners are worried that they are going to lose customers as a result of this ban, but lawmakers and the public at large, at least so far, do not seem to care.

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