Inactivity Could Be As Harmful As Cigarettes

A recent article suggests that people who spend time doing nothing have almost as much risk for health problems as people who smoke cigarettes. This theory is only really surprising in its comparison to smoking. After all, not doing anything would be a source of poor health, but very few would think that it is as harmful as smoking. The fact is, however, inactivity is a major factor in almost all major chronic diseases. So do not think that just because you are not a smoker that it doesn’t mean you aren’t running the risk for some serious health problems. Being a constant couch potato ups your chances for major health issues.

If you are a person who smokes and likes to sit on the couch all the time, then you are looking at even greater chances of developing health problems. Living a healthy lifestyle is something that is easy to talk about, but actually doing it is perhaps even easier.

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