Illinois Raises Cigarette Tax, As Predicted

It doesn’t come as any surprise today that Illinois has opted to raise cigarette taxes by a dollar. The measure to raise cigarette taxes by a dollar passed with the bare minimum required votes, which shows a reluctance to go through with it. The fact is that Illinois is not the only state thinking of raising cigarette taxes, and this decision could very well send ripples throughout the rest of the country.

The rising tax prices are being used to support medical research. While this is definitely a plus for medical research, for smokers this is being looked at as just another chance to find an alternative to cigarettes The fact is that this tax hike could be seen all across the country, and it may not necessarily be used for medical research in the other states.

Smokers have had more and more reasons of late to search for alternatives to traditional cigarettes, such as the electronic cigarette. The fact is that smokers are tired of constant taxation. What will happen if such taxes go nationwide remains to be seen, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

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