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How to Tell If Your E Cig Cartridge is Empty

Using e cigarettes comes with a whole new learning curve that didn’t come with regular cigarettes. There are things that you have to keep track of with e cigarettes that you didn’t have to keep track of with regular cigarettes. Keeping up with whether or not your e cigarette flavor cartridge is empty is something that is crucial, especially if you are out and about. Here are some tips for being able to tell if your e cigarette is empty and how to prevent being out and about and running into the empty cartridge problem.

The most obvious way to tell if an e cigarette cartridge is out is simply if you take a puff of your e cigarette and it does not put out any vapor at all. In fact..that is pretty much the only way to tell. It isn’t really rocket science to figure that part out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some useful tips to see to it that you aren’t without a full e cigarette cartridge.

The first thing that you should do, and perhaps it is the most obvious, is carry around multiple e cigarette cartridges. This is a big deal because it ensures that you have a back up when you need one. But it is also important to regulate how much of your e cigarette you use. There are many people who, out of habit, will keep using their e cigarette long after they need it. It is easy to not think about how much you use your e cigarette, but if you keep in mind when you are satisfied with it, that is a good stopping point. This will help you be sure to not waste any e liquid.

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