How E Cigarettes Work

The popularity of e cigarettes is something that continues to grow and grow. More people are learning about e cigarettes and more importantly more people are trying e cigarettes. However, despite the popularity of e cigarettes, it’s interesting that not many people have a full understanding of just how e cigarettes work. Sure everyone knows that e cigarettes use e liquid cartridges, but what about the actual inner workings? Knowing how an e cigarette works and knowing the inner components can be especially helpful if you find that your e cigarette has something wrong and you need to order the right part to fix it.

Perhaps the most important part of the e cigarette is the battery. Of course this is where the e cigarette gets its power from. But the battery usually also has a charge indicator at the end of the tip in the form of a blinking light (specifically when you are running low on battery power). At the end of the battery, is a vent that allows for the air that is sucked in by the e cigarette users to hit a chip that tells the atomizer to heat up and vaporize the e liquid that is contained in the flavor cartridge.In an interesting piece of info, older e cigarette models would vaporize e liquid with something as simple  as a gust of wind until they were remodeled to only vaporize air that passed through the vent in a certain way.

Of course there are subtle differences between different brands of e cigarettes. But the primary principle of how e cigarettes works is universal. There are different part variations, such as how some brands use cartomizers and some use atomizers, but it is all a matter of brand and build.

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