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Heat Wave Ignites Cigarette Fire Worries

We are in the middle of one of the hottest heat waves in recent memories and with that heat has come very valid concerns that there will be more cigarette related fires, especially brush and vegetation fires. This is causing many fire marshals across the country to strongly advise that people not throw cigarettes out of their car windows and that they try to not smoke in heavily vegetated areas. The lack of rain across the country has made grass and other plants very brittle and easy to burn and even the slightest spark at this point could have catastrophic results.

There have been a large number of cigarette related fires over the past few months, so it is easy to imagine how in the midst of a heat wave that things could get worse. If you find that you are outside a lot and are a smoker, then you need to use the utmost caution and be sure that you fully put out your cigarette when you are done with it.

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