Graphic Smoking Labels Hit Canada

You can now add Canada to the list of countries that has adopted the use of graphic warning labels on the packaging of their cigarettes. The practice is one that is being seen more and more all across the globe. The reactions to the packs have been a mixed bag. While the numbers of cigarette sales are down tremendously, many are simply offended by the images. The images are clearly having an effect, but is it worth forcing a business to have to print the labels?

The fact is that many are unhappy with the prospect of having to put the graphic labels on cigarette packs here in the US. Business owners who make a significant amount from their cigarette sales know that if the images become mandatory their business will have to adapt to the changes where it can. It seems counter intuitive to the First Amendment to force a business to print something on their product against their will, especially when they are already printing up surgeon general’s warnings.

It seems as if they would have found a way to discourage smoking without the use of graphic images printed directly on the pack. There needs to be a more intuitive way to make the situation work before the images are put on the table here in the US (and if the rest of the world is an indicator, it won’t be long).

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