Ex Smokers Supporting E Cigs

In April the Food and Drug Administration will make its announcement on its various proposed methods for regulating the electronic cigarette industry. This has the majority of e cigarette users on edge with anticipation because the FDA’s decision will essentially be the rules for the e cigarette industry from then on out. What is rather interesting, however, is the fact that e cigarettes and e cigarette specialty stores are starting to gain support from people who would seemingly have no stake in the debate: former smokers.

A large number of former smokers, some of which actually quit smoking altogether after switching to e cigarettes, are expressing their desire to see e cigarettes stick around as an alternative to regular cigarettes. There also seems to be a strong atmosphere of distrust for the FDA and a lot of speculation as to what their motives could be. Many people have already pointed out that there seems to be a lack of transparency in terms of the so-called findings that show e cigarettes and or e-liquid to be harmful. One particular study has been brought under fire, a study that found the e liquid vapor emitted by e cigarettes to have “detectable traces” of carcinogens. The problem with the findings is just how high those detectable levels were, and how high were they in comparison to products on the market such as nicotine patches and gums.

The reason why this information is pertinent to so many is because of the fact that those products are FDA approved for continuous use. Many e cigarette supporters have voiced a belief that other groups that oppose e cigarettes such as the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society likely receive funding from pharmaceutical companies that create products such as the previously mentioned nicotine patches and gums. The theory is that if this is indeed true then it would explain the otherwise nonsensical lack of support from these groups for e cigs.

The biggest reason why so many ex smokers are supporting e cigarettes comes from the fact that the number of former smokers who feel that the reason they quit smoking was because of using e cigarettes is growing. While there have yet to be studies showing conclusive evidence that e cigarettes help people quit smoking smokers feel that the fact that the products are not being studied in that capacity is doing nothing but disservice to smokers, especially if the proposed conflict of interests situation is true.

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