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Europe Has Cigarette Smuggling Problem Too

Cigarette smuggling has been on the rise for some time lately in the US. With the increased number of tax hikes smokers have been doing anything that they can in order to get cigarettes at a cheaper price, even if it means breaking the law. The number of cigarette related crimes, especially smuggling, has been at an almost ridiculous rate and now it looks like the US isn’t the only place where it is becoming and issue. Europe has seen a massive increase in cigarette smuggling as well.

Part of the reason for cigarette smuggling in Europe stems from essentially the same tax problems as the US. What makes it interesting is how creative some of the smugglers have become, using items like toys to try and hide their tax free cigarettes. The problem is that when you begin to think of the costs it takes to try and catch cigarette smugglers it starts to become apparent that either as much or more taxpayer dollars go into catching them. It makes one thing that if they really wanted to cut back on spending and crime that they would simply lower the taxes.

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