eGo T vs eGo C Twist

eGo T vs eGo Twist

The eGo brand is arguably one of the most popular models in today’s e-cigarette industry. This is mainly attributed to its affordability, provision of products with an excellent battery life and an attractive appearance. The eGo e-cigarette models also support low resistance atomizers that are capable of providing some of the best vapor production levels possible with the small-sized e-cigarettes. These e-cigarette models were originally developed by Joyetech although the company has since granted some of its distribution rights to various other e-cigarette companies especially in the US. A lack of strict intellectual property enforcement by eGo, however, has opened doors to the creation of numerous versions and modifications of the original products especially in other parts of the world such as China.

As a result, a wide array of these products is available in the market today, making it quite confusing for the consumers to identify the original products. For this post, I will compare between two of the original popular eGo variants in the market today namely eGo Twist and eGo T. I have to admit that choosing between these two products can be pretty confusing to any user considering that each has its unique benefits and strengths. As such, I will outline the features of each and in the end, you will have to make a choice between which works best for you. Well, let’s get down to the main business.

eGo T or eGo Twist- what are the differences?

As mentioned earlier, differentiating between these two products and other eGo variants, in general, can be a daunting task for any consumer. In fact, I have to blame Joyetech for providing a very equivocal branding and structuring of their products as this makes it quite difficult to tell apart between them. However, a quick though close glance between both eGo and eGo Twist will provide you with some few notable structural difference. For example, if you are keen enough, you will notice that in eGo, the atomizer has a heating coil which is built within the tank. This means that every time you need to replace the atomizer, you will have to change the overall capsule housing since it houses both the tank and the atomizer. This is certainly going to result in higher costs of replacement especially considering that this is supposed to be a monthly routine. On the other hand, eGo twist is only a portable battery that can be used with the upper parts of either eGo or eGo C. With this breakdown, I would now wish to delve into the actual topic of the day. Which features of either eGo or eGo Twist would you consider when choosing one over the other.

Features of eGo T e-cigarette

This is a tank-based e-cigarette and was the first of its kind in the market. It was released shortly after the original eGo e-cigarette. For most vapers, the absolute ease with which this electronic cigarette can be refilled makes it one of their preferred e-cigar of choice. This makes the eGo e-cigarette arguably the most popular of all the eGo variants in the market today. It is no doubt that dripping produces better vapor. However, on the other hand, the tank-based systems such as that of eGo variant allows the vaper to directly drop the e-liquid into the plastic tank. eGo has a solitary voltage level and produces a very consistent vape. It uses a bottom coil clearomizer for a more efficient vapor production. The clearomizer can hold up to 2.6 ml of e-juice which is sufficient even for the heavy vapers. Additionally, the raised button on this e-cigarette facilitates a more convenient use.


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Features of the eGo Twist e-cigarette

The eGo Twist, often referred to as the eGo-VV or the eGo-C Twist, is another popular variant of the eGo e-cigarettes. This e-cig shares a lot of similarities with the eGo, with the only significant distinguishing feature being the additional bonus of the variable voltage in the eGo Twist. As the name suggests, the term “Twist” is used to refer to the battery in this e-cigarette which can be twisted when adjusting the voltage in the end. This further gives it the name “eGo-VV” with the VV abbreviating for “Variable Voltage”. The eGo Twist variant uses a battery with a regulation circuitry that allows it to operate at different voltages of between 3.2 and 4.8 volts. This allows the vaper to control various aspects such as the e-cigarette’s battery life, the heat at which the e-juice is vaporized as well as the amount of vapor produced. It is important to understand that each e-juice flavor has its unique sweet spot when it comes to the voltage amount at which it vaporizes, and eGo Twist offers exactly that provision. Typically, the battery used by the eGo Twist e-cigarette tend to last longer than the standard batteries such as those found in other eGo e-cigarettes variants. This is primarily influenced by a need to accommodate the extra circuitry. In order to adjust the voltage of the eGo Twist, the vaper is required to twist the bottom cap of the battery. This is contrary to the standard eGo battery which is regulated by the manufacturer to produce a fixed output of around 3.3 volts. The eGo Twist comes with a 2.6 ml atomizer tank which is similar to that of the regular eGo T. As such, this allows the vaper to carry sufficient amount of e juice at any one time which can last longer.


Having reviewed the different features of both the eGo Twist and eGo e-cigarettes, it is easy to tell that each has its unique strengths. For this, it is evident that making a choice of which between them is superior to the other can be quite a difficult task for anyone. The eGo variant is pretty reliable and easy to use whereas the eGo Twist gives the user more allowance to customize the e-cigarette for use in any situation. However, both of them provide a fair share of consistency in terms of producing vapor. The two also use a bottom coil clearomizer as well as a provision to share standard atomizer coils. This means that you can purchase a whole pack comprising of replacement atomizer coils since both of these vape pens can share the coils between them. As I conclude, I will reiterate my initial opinion regarding these two e-cigarettes, that, the choice entirely lies on you. You are to decide whether to purchase eGo or eGo Twist depending on which one really convinces you. Bottom line, however, is that either of the two will serve you rightly.