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Edmonton Decides To Combat Cigarette Litter Without Ban

It has been stated multiple times on this site the importance of not littering with your cigarette butts and ashes. The fact is that a lot of the general public dislikes public smoking primarily because of the litter that is left behind by smokers who do not seem to care about little things like cleanliness or making sure that the area around them isn’t an eyesore.

In Edmonton, Canada however it seems that officials have had enough of people making public places look bad and have decided to put a stop to it, not by banning public smoking but instead by enforcing a strict no cigarette litter policy. The idea is to essentially set up police patrols in public areas and make sure that nobody is just tossing cigarette butts on the ground. The punishment for this is a whopping $250 fine, something that will certainly make an impression and cause smokers to think twice about where they toss their cigarette butts.

But don’t think that the enforcement officers are only concerned with those who are improperly disposing of their cigarettes. They intend to reward those who do the right thing with their cigarette butts by offering them a free cup of coffee from their program partner Tim Horton. This certainly gives a positive incentive to smokers to think about where they throw their cigarette butts. It is refreshing to see a place take a positive form of action against cigarette litter instead of punishing everyone by simply banning public smoking.

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