E Cigs: Greener and Cleaner

When many people think of electronics they don’t necessarily think about clean and green. After all electronics aren’t exactly known for their help with the environment. However, that has all changed with the ever growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes require things like an ashtray and lighters as well as put off horrible smelling smoke that is bad for the environment. With electronic cigarettes smoking is not only more convenient but also cleaner.

Take a moment and think about all of the times that you’ve thrown a cigarette butt out of a window or on to the ground. How many do you think it adds up to? Not only is this a huge risk for starting a fire but it’s horrible for the environment. However, electronic cigarettes aren’t to be thrown away. You recharge and refill them with e liquid so that you can continue to lessen the amount of damage done to the environment.

Another thing that is better about them is the smell. Electronic cigarettes don’t put off anything but water vapor so they aren’t harmful to the environment like traditional cigarettes can be. This all means that if you are someone who is interested in switching to an electronic cigarette because they are greener and cleaner then the switch may be best for you and your lifestyle.

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