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E Cigs Added To Smoking Ban

In Greensburg, Pennsylvania, court houses have decided to group e cigarettes in with the smoking ban in place. While this is being met with criticism from e cigarette users, it is somewhat understandable why the decision was made, as it had confused smokers in the courthouse who had thought that the e cigarette users were using real cigarettes. The ban was done not so much as a measure to ostracize or stigmatize e cigarette users, but to avoid confusion.

This may be an example of a reasonable ban of e cigarettes in a public place, as it is at least a fair one. Many electronic cigarette companies model their cigarettes to look very much like the real thing. However, while it’s understandable that people were confused wouldn’t a few signs have been enough. One of the greatest selling points for many e cigarettes is the ability to use them in public without bothering the people surrounding them. By allowing this ban to stand it makes it harder for cigarette smokers to make nonsmokers more comfortable by meeting them halfway.



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