E Cigarettes Picking Up Popularity Quickly

While you are definitely likely to see less and less people puffing away at cigarettes it is not all that surprising that e cigarettes are starting to grow more and more popular. The fact is that e cigarettes just do not carry the same stigma as regular cigarettes. Perhaps it is the fact that they are clearly an electronic product. Or maybe it is the fact that they do not stink up the place like traditional cigarettes do.

Whatever the reason for the spike in popularity, it will not be surprising to see e cigarettes eventually supersede regular cigarettes altogether. People are tired of having to light up and flick ashes. People are tired of being looked at as though they are walking ash trays. People are tired of their teeth being stained by a product that does nothing to improve their image or popularity. There are people who used to smoke traditional cigarettes who have found that even dating is easier with e cigarettes because they do not carry the same negative connotation as regular cigarettes.

E cigarettes are easily a more socially acceptable alternative to regular cigarettes but that has not stopped lawmakers and private businesses from grouping them in with public smoking bans in several states across the country. This is something that has been a source of irritation for smokers who have switched to e cigarettes to escape those bans. However, there are still plenty of e cigarette users who are sticking with them because they find e cigarettes to be a much more enjoyable method of getting nicotine. Popular e cig starter kits such as the 7s brand, for example, offer great battery life and flavors whereas regular cigarettes usually just have the same two flavors. Needless to say that is more than just a little boring.

Despite the number of public smoking bans, it seems that the public is becoming more and more aware of e cigarettes, but more importantly they are becoming more and more tolerant of them. And as we all know, it is tolerance that leads to acceptance.



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