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E Cigarettes Are the Tech Cigarettes

When you see someone using a cell phone, or a tablet, or a laptop you obviously think of these things as tech. But you would never group something like cigarettes in with those devices. But with e cigarettes you can very easily put those devices next to your cigarette pack, or more appropriately your charger pack.

E cigarettes have taken smoking into the twenty first century by taking away the actual smoke and fire that you normally need to smoke. A clean, practically odorless vapor means that you can use your e cigarette all you want and not have to worry about smelling like an ash tray. You no longer need a lighter. All you need is a flavor cartridge and a charged battery. E cigarettes really are the tech cig.

What makes e cigarettes a piece of tech just like your other devices is the method in which it charges. While a lot of e cigarettes do use a traditional wall charger, most of them come equipped with a USB charger, which means that you can charge your e cigarette with your computer and while you are on the go in case you do not have your charging pack on hand. If you are looking to bring your smoking experience up to date then ditch your packs, tobacco, lighter, and ash tray for e cigarettes.


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