E Cigarettes and Minors

With the popularity of e cigarettes growing more and more, it seems that e cigarettes are everywhere now. The one place that you are very unlikely to see e cigarettes, however, is in the hands of minors. Despite the fact that e cigarettes do not put out smoke or use actual tobacco, e cigarette use by minors is restricted. There are plenty of people out there who are scared of the possibility of e cigarettes having an appeal for minors, but the question is, what kid would find e cigarettes appealing at this point?

E cigarettes are massively popular, without a doubt. But they are popular among smokers. The fact is that there is just as much advertisement out there for e cigarettes as there is for regular cigarettes. Advertisement for regular cigarettes these days is virtually non-existent. You do not see advertisements on TV, or hear them on the radio. So the question becomes just how would minors hear about e cigarettes if there are virtually no advertisements available to them?

The facts are, e cigarettes are in no way, shape, or form advertised for minors. At no point are they even suggested as being okay for minors. While the ban against minor use definitely make sense, the fact that people seem to be making a big deal out of it suggests that they do not have their common sense turned on.

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