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E Cigarette Safety Tips

With e cigarettes being so popular these days, there are plenty of people out there who are still getting a grip on just how to properly use one. There is most definitely a short learning curve that comes with using e cigarettes, but one of the most important things, and perhaps one of the most important things with any electronic product, is to know how to use the product safely. While e cigarettes are usually harmless, every now and then someone manages to find a way to hurt themselves with one. Here are some basic safety tips to use with your e cigarette.

First of all, do not under any circumstances modify your e cigarette. To further elaborate, do not buy products that are designed to make your e cigarette “better”, especially if it is a third party product. Do not in any way attempt to deconstruct your e cigarette in order to modify it, whether you are trying to get more vapor or battery life out of it. E cigarettes are made as well as they can be made, for starters. Modifying your e cigarette can be extremely dangerous, as one man whose modded e cigarette blew up in his face could probably tell you.

Another important thing to keep in mind, and this one is seriously basic: do not ever, under any circumstances, try to drink e liquid. This is a sure-fire way to get nicotine poisoning, although certainly nobody out there has actually attempted this (at least nobody that can consider themselves an adult). You also need to be sure to keep your e cigarette and e liquid away from children, especially children who are not old enough to know that just because something is liquid that does not make it safe to drink.


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