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Why E Cigarette Mods Are a Bad Idea

Modifying e cigarettes is something that has been big for a while. Anytime a cool piece of tech comes along it doesn’t take long for people to start modifying it. The only problem is that sometimes products are modified that have no business being modified. The product in this scenario is the e cigarette. Here are just a few reasons why modding e cigarettes is a very bad idea.

Think about this: A modified e cigarette exploded in a man’s face. You read that right. Exploded. In his face. That should be a hint and a half to people with common sense that modifying an e cigarette is a very bad idea. The majority of the people who modify e cigarettes modify them in the effort to improve battery life. The problem is that the batteries that e cigarettes come with are as well made by the manufacturers as they could be. Trying to improve something that is already as good as it could possibly be is an obvious recipe for disaster.

The fact is, modifying your e cigarette will not wield very desirable results (explosions aside). First of all, you run the risk of simply ruining your e cigarette and being out a lot of money. Trying to modify your e cigarette, for example the battery, you can end up damaging the battery in the process to the point where it will not work properly (or yes, even explode in your face, just in case the gravity of that situation hasn’t hit you yet).

If you really want to get the best out of your e cigarette, then it is probably a good idea to just buy a great quality e cigarette. If it’s battery life you’re worried about, then you need to buy a 7’s brand e cigarette. 7’s has one of the very best batteries an e cigarette can have. Any other modifications you want to make are obviously ill advised. Until further, official (and more appropriately safe) breakthrough are made, e cigarettes are as well made as they can be right now.

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