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Don’t Mod Your E Cig!

E cigarettes have become extraordinarily popular over the last few years. As a result e cigarettes have a massive cult following. And with every cult following there are always offshoots that do things differently. One offshoot of e cigarette users is that of the e cigarette modder community. E cig modders are different from other e cig users because they disassemble their e cigarettes in attempt to make them “better” than they were built to be.

Modifying an e cigarette is something that is frowned upon by a lot of e cig users, and with very good reason. Modding an e cigarette not only is a guarantee for your e cigarette to stop working over time, it is flat out dangerous. The reason why is because most e cigarette modders simply don’t know what they are doing. One modder even had the unfortunate distinction of quite literally having his modification blow up in his face.

Modifying an e cig is not the same as customizing one. Customization comes with the understanding that there are limits and boundaries to what can be done with e cigs. If you are not pleased with your e cig’s battery life then simply buy a new battery. If you do not like how your e cig looks, then buy a skin for it. One needs to understand that e cigarettes are already made as well as they can be made and to further alter them will only cause them to eventually break.

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