Do E Cigarettes Encourage Nicotine Addiction?

E cigarettes have become increasingly popular over the last year, with reportedly over one million new users. It is not surprisingly that the majority of new e cigarette users are people who already smoke. However, there are some who are questioning whether or not e cigarettes are only encouraging smokers to stay addicted to nicotine. Their argument is that because e cigarettes contain nicotine, they are doing nothing but creating the illusion of a healthier and better smoking experience.

But e cigarette advocates strongly disagree. Many believe that due to the absence of the carcinogens, smoke, and tar that e cigarettes are a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. Many feel that a recent FDA ruling that disolvable tobacco products are less harmful than cigarettes is a sign that e cigarettes are not harmful either.

There are also health experts that have gone on record to state that the influence of nicotine is well overstated. This is due to the fact that nicotine is technically a stimulant, much like caffeine, and it is out of the human body after three days. This leads many e cigarette users to wonder if there is not a level of spin being applied to reports. Regardless, e cigarettes continue to remain hotly debated, and they are only growing in popularity.

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