e cigs are the cigarette perfected

Ditch Tobacco Altogether With E Cigarettes

Tobacco is expensive. When you add up the amount of money you spend every year on cigarettes alone you would probably be very disgusted. Tobacco is messy. After you finish smoking a cigarette you have a pile of ashes and butts you have to throw away, and that’s only if you buy your buy your cigarettes by the pack. If you roll your own cigarettes then the mess is further increased because loose tobacco tends to get everywhere. Tobacco is, at its core, a waste of time and money when you could be using e cigarettes.

The convenience of e cigarettes is well noted, as is the cleanliness of them. You do not have to use a lighter or clean up any ashes after you are done using your e cigarette. E cigarettes are relatively low maintenance, requiring only that you keep them charged and that you have a fresh e liquid cartridge on standby when your current one runs out. That is the maximum amount of upkeep you have to do. No more buying lighters or ash trays. No more cleaning up after the massive mess of ashes. The only worry you have with e cigarettes is whether or not your e cig is charged and if you have plenty of cartridges. On top of that you can use a single e liquid cartridge all day whereas you would be done with an entire cigarette pack in the same span of time. Convenience is the name of the game, and e cigarettes have won.

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