Disregarded Cigarette Culprit For Fire

Disregarded Cigarette Culprit For Fire

If you’re going to smoke near a heavily vegetated area (though who can with all of the public smoking bans in place) do us all a big favor: Make sure you actually put out your cigarette when you are done with it! Investigators say that the culprit of a fire in Apple Valley that burned five acres worth of vegetation was a lit cigarette. Despite the scale of the fire nobody was harmed and no structural damage was done. Investigators had initially thought that the fire was started by people who had been shooting at random objects: particularly the kind of random objects that Hollywood leads us to believe explode when fired upon.

A healthy dose of common sense would have saved the five acres of vegetation, but common sense is something that seems to be in very short supply. This is certainly not the first fire to be started by a disregarded cigarette, and it most likely will not be the last one. One can only hope that, at least in the Apple Valley area, this causes at least a few people to double check whether or not their cigarette is fully put out. Whether people stop shooting at propane tanks is a different matter.


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