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Discarded Cigarette Causes House Fire

It is no secret that many places in the southern United States are in a huge heat wave right now, bring about many extremely dry areas. For many people properly disposing of their cigarettes means flicking them out of a car window or even off a porch. In such dry weather this means that house fires can happen very quickly with little to no warning at all. That’s what happened in Chesterfield County, Virginia on Thursday causing three people to lose a home and their family dog. Chesterfield fire Capt. Keith Chambers said it appears “that some of the occupants may have been smoking out on the porch” and flipped a cigarette into newly poured mulch “around the porch area”.

This isn’t the first time that an entire home has been lost because of one cigarette that wasn’t properly disposed of. Many people seem to forget that by throwing a still lit cigarette to the ground you are essentially throwing what amounts to a match. Anything it touches can very quickly be consumed by flames and spread. However, this can easily be remedied by making sure that every cigarette you dispose of is properly extinguished and no longer has any smoke emanating from it.

The best way to do this is to never extinguish a cigarette outdoors. Always use an ash tray or extinguish it fully in some source of water. By doing this simple act you can prevent something as catastrophic as a house or even a forest fire from occurring. The last thing any one wants is for a leisurely cigarette break to turn into a nightmare. By taking simple steps in properly disposing of cigarettes you can easily prevent this from happening to you or to anyone that you care about.

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