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Delaware Man Steals Purse Just For Cigarette

There are petty crimes, and then there are really petty crimes. A man in Delaware has been arrested for stealing the purse of an acquaintance just so he could curb a cigarette craving. Eric Gibbs reportedly snatched the purse off of his acquaintance, a forty year old woman, after he had asked for a cigarette and she told him no. He was later arrested and charged with first degree theft, menacing, disorderly conduct, and of course harassment.

This is one of the more ridiculous cigarette related crimes we’ve covered, rivaling only the report of two girls in the UK stealing a cigarette off an old woman. While anyone who is a smoker will tell you that cigarette cravings are strong, they are never strong enough to actually force someone to break the law. This seems to simply be a case of a person who has some serious entitlement issues.


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