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Delaware Expands Smoking Ban Areas

Much to the annoyance of smokers, Delaware has decided to expand the areas covered by the public smoking bans. Places such as zoos and beaches are now off limits as far as smoking is concerned. The given reason for the ban’s increase in areas covered by it was to promote a healthier environment and keep areas such as parks and beaches clean.

It seems somewhat odd that they are expanding the areas covered by the ban, as one would normally think that any areas they want covered would have been included in the initial ban. Smokers everywhere are frustrated due to the fewer and fewer options they have in regards to where they can smoke. Some states are adopting policies that ban smoking in public housing, for example. More and more apartment complexes are banning smoking. It is frustrating because there are not even designated smoking areas to help alleviate any needs of the smoker. It’s like the voices of smokers are not only being ignored, but shut out entirely.

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