Crooked Cop Robs Cigarette Smugglers

In what can be filed under “hilarious”, a former NYPD Detective stands to do three years behind bars for using his gun, badge, and raid jacket to rob cigarette smugglers. Former detective Kyron Collins flashed a fake search warrant and then proceeded to steal $7,000 in cash and bootleg Newport cigarettes. When asked for a statement, Collins said, “I am embarassed because I loved being a detective. I wish I had made better decisions.” It does not, however, take one very much imagination to come up with a better decision than ripping off cigarette smugglers. It makes one wonder, aren’t the cigarette tax hikes enough without the cigarettes being stolen as well?

While this is obviously an isolated, albeit very hilarious, incident, it does make one think about how ridiculous the number of tax hikes are when a person has to resort to smuggling cigarettes. This is a growing problem in the United States and when it gets so bad that the police are even ripping people off it makes one ponder the efficiency of such tax hikes.


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